B8 of Hope is a Swiss registered, Geneva based association co-founded in 2016 by a group of friends, hailing from diverse origins and backgrounds – among them Jewish, Christian and Muslim, Swiss, Europeans, Middle Easterners and Indian. Our objective  is to support established initiatives led by Israeli and Palestinian civil society activists who work on projects that bring about discussion and bridge-building and which reject all recourse to violence.
Our name B8 is to be pronounced Beit/Bait, “home” in both Arabic and Hebrew and a hint to the original 8 co-founders. We all work on a volunteer basis for our organization.





We serve as an umbrella organization that gives our pool of “flagship initiatives”

Visibility (conferences, film screenings, media coverage)



Funds to cover the costs of workshops, projects and activities on the ground

Advice on structure and governance




The best line of conduct for us is 
1) Uniting and not dividing by: 

–       Being pro-solution , rather than taking sides

      Creating Synergies :

–       among our diverse multicultural audience and supporters in Geneva and more specifically among the Jewish and Arab communities

       among the Israeli and Palestinian grassroots organizations : for more impact on the ground

–       between B8 of Hope and other philanthropic foundations and entities supporting the same projects : for more efficiency and due diligence

  2) Supporting  the hard work of  those who have chosen to see the humanity in the other and breaking the cycle of violence, rather than being stuck in a narrative 
The impossible might become possible, through people-to-people connection and respect
The possibility of peace becomes more real through positive change from “bottom-up”