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B8 of Hope is a Swiss registered, Geneva based association co-founded in May 2016

Our objective is to support established initiatives led by Israeli and Palestinian civil society activists who work on projects that bringabout discussion and bridge-building and which reject all recourse to violence


Our name B8 is to be pronounced Beit/Bait, as in “home” in both Arabic and Hebrew





We serve as an umbrella and incubator to a pool of established organizations and movements led by Israeli and Palestinian civil society activists working on projects that bring about dialogue, bridge-building, transformation and reject recourse to violence

We help them by giving them :


Networking opportunities


Advice on structure and governance



B8 of Hope encourages the hard work of those who have chosen to see the humanity in the other, rather than being stuck in their own narratives

Humanization and people-to-people connection leads to transformation and positive behavior changes. These positive changes bring hope, and hope generates more constructive behaviors and actions

“Hope is like a candle, the current situation like a hurricane, we must do everything we can to keep the flame alive”, Avner Wishnitzer Co-Founder of Combatants for Peace 


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Our approach is to encourage reconciliation by :

Being pro-solution and supporting Israeli and Palestinian constructive initiatives on the ground.

Uniting and creating synergies :


Among our diverse multicultural audience and supporters in Switzerland and more specifially among the Jewish and Arab communities

Among the Israeli and Palestinian grassroots organizations

Among philanthropic organizations supporting the same projects in Israel-Palestine



The co-founders and steering committee members, hailing from diverse origins and backgrounds, work on a volunteer basis for B8 of Hope

From left to right : Arun, Ayman, Leila, Mehra, Luc, David, Karim in Geneva. All hailing from diverse origins : Canada, India, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Switzerland – Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

And our newer team-mate and officer on the ground, in Jerusalem : Jean-Marc