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Despite living so close to each other, Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank exist in almost complete separation. Both sides have little knowledge of each other’s lives and are too often raised to fear and hate each other.

In 2016, a group of eight friends in Geneva, hailing from diverse backgrounds –among them Jewish, Christian and Muslim– decided to found B8 of Hope. They were all inspired by the work of Ali Abu Awwad, a non- violence activist dedicated to Palestinian-Israeli dialogue.

Ali Abu Awwad often says to his audience abroad: “Stop being pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. You are not helping by adding more fuel to the conflict. If you want to help, be pro-solution!”


Our name B8 is to be pronounced Beit/Bait, as in “home” in both Arabic and Hebrew.



We serve as an umbrella and incubator to a pool of constructed grassroots initiatives led by Israeli and Palestinian civil society activists, working on projects that bring about dialogue, bridge-building, transformation and reject recourse to violence. 

We help them by giving them:

  1. Funding
    • We aid groups with the financing of their movements on the ground.
  2. Visibility
    • We organize public interventions at different venues and institutions to increase outreach.
  3. Networking
    • We create opportunities for initiatives and individuals to connect and then grow. Even with those which are dissimilar for various reasons, the relationships created are beneficial to all parties and can be long-lasting. 
  1. Synergy
    • We aim to provide the possibility of coaction on the ground between organizations and abroad between their supporters, and specifically
      • among our diverse audience and supporters in Switzerland
      • among the Jewish and Arab communities in Switzerland
      • among the Israeli and Palestinian grassroots organizations
      • among philanthropic organizations supporting the same projects in Israel and Palestine
  2. Media Coverage
    • We work to increase web and media reporting of our supported groups to further spread their message, and our own.
  3. Advice
    • We advise initiatives on how to better structure and use their resources. We help some of them implement systems, diversify sources of funds, help them get grants, organize crowdfunding campaigns, do more effective recruiting, etc.



B8 of Hope encourages the hard work of those who have chosen to see the humanity in the other, rather than being stuck in their own narratives. Humanization and people-to-people connection leads to transformation and positive behavior changes. These positive changes bring hope, and hope generates more constructive behaviors and actions. 

The goal of promoting these initiatives is to further as far as possible individual links between Israeli and Palestinian people, to teach them to know and accept one another and to communicate through peaceful dialogue. We believe that by supporting these initiatives of dialogue, bridge-building and by uniting rather than dividing, we are creating the favorable conditions for a sustainable peace.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               photograph © Saskia Keeley

“Hope is like a candle, the current situation like a hurricane, we must do everything we can to keep the flame alive.”

–Avner Wishnitzer, Co-founder of Combatants for Peace