In 2016 a group of friends in Geneva, hailing from diverse backgrounds – among them Jewish, Christian and Muslim – but each inspired by Ali Abu Awwad (a dialogue and non-violence activist), decided to found an association called B8 of Hope (to be pronounced Beit as in the Arabic and Hebrew word for home and 8 because we were 8, but we hope that the 8 of B8 becomes Infinity!)

B8 of Hope promotes established initiatives led by Israeli and Palestinian civil society activists who work hand in hand on projects that bring about discussion and bridge-building and which reject all recourse to violence – a first and important step towards renewed mutual trust.







is to serve as an umbrella organization that gives these constructive grassroots initiatives in Israel and Palestine 




·      Visibility by organizing public interventions at different venues and institutions 


·      Media coverage


·      Networking opportunities 


·      The possibility of synergy on the ground between them and abroad between their supporters . The impact can be only bigger !


·      Funds for the workshops and activities on the ground


·      Advice on how better structure and use of their resources


Our work is based in Geneva but we travel to Israel and Palestine to see things for ourselves, follow up on projects we sponsored and meet new activists and explore new initiatives.





Ali Abu Awwad often says to his audience abroad : “Stop being pro Israel or pro Palestine. You are not helping by adding more to the conflict. If you want to help be PRO SOLUTION”.  This is what B8 of Hope is striving for. We believe that by supporting actions of dialogue bridge-building and non-violence on the ground, and by uniting rather than dividing, we are being PRO SOLUTION and constructive.




At B8 of Hope, we are convinced that dialogue, transformation and non-violence are the key to diminishing violence and creating the favorable conditions for a sustainable peace.




Thanks to the hard work of “ordinary” people, who are paving the path for a solution and leading it, the impossible might become possible. Through people-to-people connection and respect, the possibility of peace becomes more real. We believe that positive change will come from “bottom-up” actions. 


Our efforts which consist of encouraging and supporting the work of Israeli and Palestinian grassroots initiatives on the ground might seem like drops, drops that could turn into an ocean. And if they don’t, if thanks to our work, even just one life whether Israeli or Palestinian could be saved, and if we could spare just one more family the pain of mourning the death of a loved one, then it is ALL worth it.