Application Criteria : how do we choose our grantees ?


The path to a potential Israeli-Palestinian just and sustainable coexistence is hindered by many obstacles. B8 of Hope focuses on the following challenges:

  • cross-border divides
  • divides within each border
  • lack of synergies inside the peace-building community (synergies and collaborations scale up individual impacts)
  • living conditions (who wants to think about peace when the basic needs are not met?)
  • polarizations abroad adding oil to the conflict

We believe that initiatives emanating from Israeli and Palestinian communities on the ground addressing the above issues foster the mindsets and pre-conditions necessary to diplomatic and political negotiations. Only then can a peace process at the political and diplomatic level be successful, because it will be supported by Israeli and Palestinian people.

We believe that peace will come from the bottom up.


Therefore, we support Israeli and Palestinian grassroots and civil society initiatives which:


  1. reject any form of violence, build bridges, promote dialogue and connect people
  2. are inclusive
  3. work to prepare their respective society for responsible action
  4. are willing to cooperate with other NGOs