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B8 of Hope events clips

B8 of Hope Presentation (March 2019)


Mehra Rimer (Chair and Co-founder)’s talk at the Innovations in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Conference in Tel-Aviv, November 2018

Painful Hope Conference December 2015


B8 of Hope Presentation (March 2017)


Visit of the Village of Jubbet Adh Dib  (July 2018)


Screening of “Guerrières de la Paix”, International School of Geneva (October 2018)

Trailers of movies we promote

Les Guerrières de la Paix

Disturbing the Peace

The Field

Women Wage Peace

Journey to peace

Israeli and Palestinian march side by side

Huda Abuarqoub – Regional Director of Alliance for Middle East Peace


Ali Abu Awwad TEDxJerusalem

Taghyeer clips


An overview of Roots by Rav. Morchechai Vardi

Roots Young Adults Program

Israël-Palestine: Jean-Marc Liling, l’acharné de la paix


Rana Choir

Yael Deckelbaum

Sam Tsui & the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus