Photo Albums

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Screening of Disturbing the Peace in Florimont – February 2020

Visit of Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin (Bereaved Parents) – January 2020

A Land for All – Two States, One Homeland visit in Geneva – November 2019

J Street – October 2019

Summer 2019 visit on the ground

May 2019 visit on the ground

Presentation at Columbia University – April 2019

Gala dinner – March 2019

Screening of Disturbing the peace in Florimont – 2018

Trip to Tel-Aviv –¬†(Tel-Aviv University conference) November 2018

Huda Abuarquob (Allmep) and Women Wage Peace in Paris – November 2018

Screening of les Guerrières de la Paix РOctober 2018

Coexistences trip with Ali Abu Awwad – August 2018

Summer 2018

CFP Disturbing the peace – October 2017

Jean-Marc Lilling and Ali Abu Awwad in Paris – September 2017

Visit of the Karama Center – Summer 2017

Gala dinner – March 2017

B8 of Hope’s workspace & visitors

Meet the B8 of Hope co-founders

Painful Hope conference – 2015 – The beginning of B8 of Hope